Parish Counseling Services

Through a unique model of collaboration with priests and their pastoral staffs we offer individual, marriage and family counseling services onsite at parishes

Rejoice Counseling Apostolate bridges professional counseling with the Catholic faith.

We launched our Parish Counseling Services as a response to the needs of priests who told us countless parishioners ask them for ongoing support during personal and family crises.

The priests wanted to ensure parishioners were accompanied and given individualized pastoral care, but the demand was too great,

their time was too strained, or their counseling skills were too limited to personally meet the needs of every parishioner.

We worked with these priests to create a solution.

We launched Parish Counseling Services as an extension of their Parish Pastoral Care Plan.

Parish Counseling Services are available for parishioners onsite at the parish.

Our services for individuals, couples, and families bridge professional counseling with our Catholic faith. By working together with pastors and their pastoral staffs, we ensure parishioners can receive individualized pastoral care in their times of greatest need.

We take care of counseling

so that pastors can remain dedicated to exercising the sacred ministries.
What Pastors are Saying
“Rejoice Parish Counseling has become an integral part of our parish’s plan for pastoral care. I feel confident that our parishioners are receiving counseling that is grounded in our faith, respectful of our values, and professional in nature.” Fr. Larry Christian

Vicar General for the Archdiocese of San Antonio; Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

“While working alongside Mr. Stravitsch, the Executive Director of Rejoice Counseling, I have witnessed his ability to help others grow, his wealth of insight and compassion, and his respect for God’s ongoing work in people.” Very Rev. Jeff Pehl

Rector, Assumption Seminary, Archdiocese of San Antonio

“One of the biggest struggles that I have experienced in ministry is the knowledge that for many of our parishioners the pastoral counseling that I am able to provide is often not nearly enough to meet the challenge of the many struggles that they face throughout the course of life. Knowing that professional counseling is often indicated in many situations, the dilemma has been finding qualified therapists that also reflect a Catholic outlook on life to recommend to my parishioners.  “I highly recommend Rejoice Parish Counseling Services to any pastor as one of the most worthwhile ministerial supports that I have experienced.” Fr. Mario Arroyo

Pastor, St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

“Rejoice Parish Counseling is a wonderful counseling resource that has healed and brought peace to many who face challenges and difficulties in our fast-paced society. In my previous parish, I witnessed many people who were afforded hope and mercy that is rooted in Catholic faith and respectful of Christian values and morals. All too often parishioners are skeptical of popular psychology and feel that it does not square with their identity as Catholics. “By enhancing our pastoral care plan with parish counseling services, I have been privileged to witness a restoration of faith and families as they begin to weave healing into their daily lives—knowing that in this ministry, God is truly present as Healer of our every ill.” Fr. Wayne Wilkerson

Pastor, St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

“At St. Francis de Sales we believe in the healing mission of Jesus Christ…In order to extend His ministry of healing, we work closely with Rejoice Counseling Apostolate to provide professional counseling services at our parish.”  Fr. Joseph Son Thanh Phan

Pastor, St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

“Rejoice Counseling provides well-trained counselors to help parishioners grow and develop into the person God is calling them to be.” Fr. Joseph Mary Marshall, SM

Brothers of the Beloved Disciple, Archdiocese of San Antonio

What Parishioners are Saying
“Knowing my counselor is a practicing Catholic, living a life in union with the Church, gives me ease and reduces my stress because I know the advice will be sound.”

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from seeing a counselor, but I can say with great confidence that our Catholic counselor not only listened to us, but always gave us tools to continue working on our marriage. For that, I will always be thankful.”

“After attending marriage counseling, we were able to work through difficulties that were severing our relationship…[and] come back to the sacramental vows. “

“The counseling I received by Rejoice proved to be extremely fruitful. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an integrative, faith-based approach to counseling.”

“It was reassuring to have our counselor lead us in prayer. There should be counselors like this available at every parish across the country.”

“Catholic counseling has been a true blessing for me!”

“This service is a great way to extend the ministry of the church to a larger flock in a caring, supportive way.”

Here’s How it Works


Step 1

The pastor meets with the Executive Director to discuss the specific pastoral needs of the parish and then identify how Parish Counseling Services will help meet those needs.

Step 2

Counselors are assigned to the parish to provide services onsite each week.

Step 3

The parish pays a nominal monthly fee based on parish size.

Step 4

Parishioners receive individualized pastoral care through professional counseling in their times of greatest need.

We look forward to helping your parish meet pastoral needs!

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